Privacy policy

Marine Trader Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "MTC") hereby sets forth the following policy to securely manage and properly use personal information by making employees widely known its importance and to ensure the system.

■ Management of personal data

MTC shall implement hard-and-fast management on personal information, by taking action such as maintenance of security system and administrative structure in order to keep personal information always correct and up-dated and to prevent unauthorized access to, tampering, breaching, loss and/or leaking of the data.

■ Purpose of using personal information

Personal information will be properly obtained, used and submitted under the definition of clear purpose.Such information will be treated within the range of clear purpose and will try to take measure in due course.

■ Providing personal information to third parties

Personal information will be properly-managed and MTC will not provide your personal information to any third party except under one or more of the following conditions;

  • when you have given your consent.
  • when needed to provide to a company which we outsource in order to respond to you.
  • where such disclosure is in accordance with or required by applicable law.

■ Security measures for personal information

MTC shall implement full-scale preparation to secure personal information for its accuracy and margin of safety.

■ Responding to inquiries on personal information

MTC shall respond to all disclosure, revision and/or discontinuation requests from the customer of personal information upon confirmation of its identity.

■ Continuous improvement

MTC will make continuous efforts to review and improve the content of this privacy policy based on complying all applicable law in Japan for keeping personal information.

■ Contact

Please address consultations regarding the handling of personal information to:

Marine Trader Co., Ltd.
Shin-kyoritsu Bldg.5F,2-22-4 Shinkawa,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0033,Japan
P.I.C. : Mr. M. Sakata