Since 1988, Marine Trader Co. Ltd., have been handling with chartering and Sales & Purchasing (so called S&P) business as well as consulting of all kinds of vessels i.e. Container vessel, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Pure Car and Truck Carriers (so called PCTC or PCC) and others with information network.
One of the major fields where most active and unique is the car carrier business. Since its establishment, we have been playing an important role for which high reputation is given from home and abroad. We are also one of the leading Sales & Purchasing brokers in Japan not only selling Japanese controlled vessels but also purchasing from abroad.
While global economy being unclear, the shipping logistics is diversifying with complexity. We will develop our business globally, changing into the future and try to make a social contribution as a member of the shipping industry.

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Company Name
Marine Trader Co., Ltd.
President Narichika Tokuda
Daiichi Nakamura Bldg. 4F, 2-8-10 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan
(main switchboard) +81 3 3297 4408 Fax+81 3 3297 4405
S&P Group :+81 90-5763-1193(PIC:Owada)
Car Carrier Group :+81 3 3297 4401 / 4402
Project Group :+81 3 3297 4401
Accounting & General Affair Group :+81 3 3297 4408
S&P Group :
Car Carrier Group
Project Group
Accounting & General Affair Group
8th August, 1988
JPY 17,250,000 (as of Oct.1 2011)
Board of Directors
President, Mr. Narichika Tokuda/ Director, Mr. Kazuaki Owada /
Director, Mr. Nobuhiko Nagano/ Part-time Auditor, Mr. Yoshihiko Hirata
Number of employee
Description of business
Shipbroking and Consulting
Participating Association
The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
Japan Shipbrokers Association
Financing Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Yaesudori Branch
Main Client
Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Nissan Motor Car Carrier,TOYOFUJI SHIPPING CO., LTD. , Hoegh Autoliners AS, Oslo and other domestic and international shipping company

Organization chart

Organization chart



8th August, 1988
Marine Trader Co., Ltd. was founded in Shintomi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo with capital fund of JPY 10,000,000. Business started with chartering Dry Bulker and Car Carriers and Sales & Purchasing all kinds of vessels.
June 1997
Along with business expansion, we relocated our office to Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
February 2004
Capital fund increased from JPY10,000,000 to JPY12,750,000 as business performance improved
October 2006
Capital fund increased from JPY12,750,000 to JPY17,250,000
August 2013
Celebrated 25th anniversary


Sales & Purchase Group

Sales & Purchase Group is mainly handling Sales & Purchase of new buildings and 2nd hand vessels, chartering and demolition activities. The group deals with any type of vessels from big ocean going vessels to small coastal vessels.
Sales & Purchase deal starts up with ship inspection.
Including operational jobs such as documentation works and obtaining required certifications, the group offers excellent skills to bridge the customers.

Car Carrier Group

Looking back, the main stream of the car export was from Japan to overseas. However, recent changes such as expansion of the global economy, gaining power of the developing countries, relocating automakers’ plants to overseas in order to avoid exchange risks have brought dynamic change in the car carrier logistics.
In such process, we are challenging day by day to improve our service to our valued customers backed by 40-year-experience with wide information networks.
Car Carrier Group is mainly handling COA, management of long & short term chartering, and pursuing new business.

Project Group

Project Group mainly works with various partners on broking of new buildings and ship finance for all types of vessels by utilizing our established network.
As regards new buildings, the surrounding environment is changing, with different shipyards emerging than before.
As for ship finance, the different trend is observed compared to conventional markets, such as an expanding investment scale for environmental initiatives, including alternative new fuels.
To respond promptly and appropriately to these market changes, as well as to engage in the establishment of new businesses including those not mentioned above, we actively pursue various projects.